dual management

Full Oversight in the Hiring and Management of Staff

All Administrative Tasks are Handled on Your Behalf.

We Provide Truly Bespoke Training Programmes

Routine Checks by Senior Personnel

Guidance On TUPE For Existing Staff

Full Oversight in Staff Management
All Admin Tasks Handled For You
Guidance on TUPE For Existing Staff
24/7 Response Service Provided

The recruitment and management of staff can sometimes be a time-consuming task. Using our extensive knowledge of the industry and personnel experience we aim to take the hassle away. By outsourcing the management of your staff to Pro Sentry, we will oversee the hiring and management of staff, taking care of all administrative duties, ranging from recruitment, the issuing of employment contracts, inductions, appraisals, and payroll.

To ensure all staff fulfill their potential and create a lasting impression, a custom-made training program will be created, whether permanent or those providing cover, to ensure that each has the requisite skillset and support required to carry out their role. Senior personnel will also carry out routine site visits to ensure the client’s needs and aspirations are being met and that staff welfare is maintained.



We understand the importance of staff upholding the reputation of the development and how vital their role is in customer satisfaction. By obtaining a working knowledge of how the site operates we can offer a tailored solution, at a fixed fee allowing there to be certainty in costs for the year. We can help with mobilizing new sites or provide guidance on TUPE for existing staff – ensuring that in both scenarios that all processes are legally compliant.

Using technology, we can provide you with the ability to view staff schedules and key indicators, allowing you to oversee the running of the site remotely. This tool allows clients to have further confidence in our management of their staff and helps to create a clearer picture of the running of their site. To support the success of our teams, a 24/7 response service can also be provided, affording peace of mind outside of working hours.

By acting as a joint employment partner, there is the opportunity for salary costs such as wages, national insurance, pensions, etc. to be paid at cost with VAT only being applicable to the management element.